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The menstrual cycle has been hidden in mystery and clouded by society's "taboos" for too long! It is time for us to reclaim the magick that we hold within our womb. This sacred temple within you is calling to be remembered by the cyclical power that She holds.

Will you answer?

Have you ever said any of the following?

My body hates me and is working against me

Why can't I just get a text letting me know I'm not pregnant?

I don't know what it means to feel rested

I can't find my purpose in life

I don't have the time or energy to focus on myself

I become a different person during my pre-menstrual phase

I don't know how to hold my shadows and vulnerabilities

I feel like I'm living in a masculine dominated world

I don't know how to celebrate being a bleeding womxn

My inner critic is relentless

Why can't I find a sustainable rhythm?


The first thing I want you to know is...


Now take a minute to imagine...

Loving your body inside and out

Waking up rested and rejuvenated for each new day

A sisterhood of womxn supporting and validating your experiences

Working with your inner critic, shadows and vulnerabilities instead of against them

Finding that you have more time to take care of yourself

Reducing stress and avoiding burnout and exhaustion

Easily navigating the changes throughout your entire cycle

Cherishing your bleed and how it brings you closer to your true self.

Moving in rhythm with the cycles of the earth and the moon.

Discovering your feminine power and life's purpose within you


Within a community of sisters, you will travel on a pilgrimage to the depths of your body and arise empowered and aligned with your menstrual cycle, transformed inside and out. You will discover your own unique cycle and learn how to live a life in harmony with your inner rhythm.

Our Pilgrimage:

What you can expect:

Sacred space for authentic sharing and vulnerability

Guidance on setting intentions at the beginning of each season of your cycle

Intuitive readings through tarot and oracle cards

Meditations to uncover the wisdom within you

Embodied practices to ground and center into your Being

Journal prompts to take you deeper within

My favorite resources for cyclical living: books, yoga, podcasts, music, etc...

What you will receive:


You can live a life in FLOW with your cycle

Your Instructor


Hello! My name is Meghna and I'm your guide on this menstrual pilgrimage.

Through these rituals and courses I will lead you on a path to your Divine Feminine power through a deep connection with your cyclical body. This will help you in discovering the core of who you are and your life's purpose.

Through years of suppressing my bleed through hormonal birth control and pushing myself to live in a linear (masculine) framework, I burnt out and lost sense of who I was. I ditched the pill and began to notice the changes that flowed through my cyclical body each menstrual cycle. With this awareness, I was able to awaken the Divine Feminine within and now honor Her in each phase of my cycle.

I'm a 500-hr certified yoga instructor, dance movement therapist, menstrual cycle mentor and spiritual mystic. I'm the founder of Divine Flow, where I offer menstrual cycle mentoring, embodied practices and spiritual guidance for your life's journey. I'm also the founder and owner of Shomota, located in the heart of Kolkata, India we produce handmade cloth menstrual pads and lead menstrual health education seminars.

Thank you for trusting me to guide you on this pilgrimage.

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I was a woman who constantly struggled to make sense of the constant waves of her emotions and body. Meghna taught me it is not a ripple, it’s cyclical. Making sense of each part of my cycle, Meghna has given me the tools I need to take advantage of each part. She has taught me how to use my personal journey with the moon to heighten my innermost understanding of me. Unlocking the knowledge of my shakti and merging it with the rest of me has changed my life.



Meghna's monthly lunar temple calls were a perfect balance of structure and flow which made sure ample material from diverse perspectives were brought in and a meditative or reflective component helped us gain experiential sense of the subject and helped in integration. By focusing on each chakra, the physical, psychological,emotional and spiritual components of the same she has given a valuable series that one can go back to time and again through life which will still hold good to remind and reinforce the practice. I am very grateful recipient of her generosity ❤

-Dr. Sneha Rooh
Founder Orikalankini (www.facebook.com/orikalankini)


What I love about Meghna is how authentic she is in creating and spreading awareness about women's divine cycles, having resented the pain and discomfort in my past she has contributed immensely in me now welcoming my monthly flow and slowing down to take time out to nurture and care for myself. So grateful to her for this!

-Divya Kanal

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The first FLOW community call launches under the Full Moon on the Spring Equinox for the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn Equinox for the Southern Hemisphere, March 21st and the final call is on August 1st!
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? All material, rituals and call recordings will be accessible for a lifetime, so you can return as many times as you like to dive deeper into this work!
I do not have a menstrual cycle, can I still join this community?
If you have never or no longer experience a menstrual cycle, for whatever reason, there will be tools for you to track cyclical living based on the moon cycles. Working with the moon cycle magik can be just as potent as the menstrual cycle.
I identify as trans, nonbinary, genderqueer, etc... is this community for me?
Yes! While this FLOW community is designed for womxn, you decide what your gender is. This is an inclusive space for all who self-identify as womxn/she/her, whether you have a physical womb or not.
I am currently using hormonal contraception can I still join FLOW?
Yes, absolutely! This community is for anyone on the journey who wants to know more about cyclical living. You can still live cyclically with times of rest and times of action, even when using hormones.
Are payment plans available or scholarships?
Yes, for the payment plan, you can pay in 5 monthly installments. That option is listed below. There are no scholarships available at this time, however if you are wanting to just get a basic introduction to menstrual cycle awareness, you can sign up for the Lunar Temple here: https://mailchi.mp/2351ca1438d3/lunar-temple.
Will you be launching this community again in the future?
Yes, I will be launching it again in 2020, but it will likely never be offered at this introductory price again!

Still have a question?

Feel free to contact me at [email protected]